Unpacking HR Outsourcing

Outsourcing is a sustainable and competitive method for managing costs and allowing the company to focus on its key strength, generating profits. Without a centralised HR solution, achieving these objectives could seem futile; however, HR Ignite has the solution that will reduce overheads, supply efficient service across your business functions that is customised to the company’s objectives, vision and purpose. HR Ignite will find ways of keeping HR simple, efficient and practical. We will engage with each client, and provide a customized solution that values their needs, really talks to the key issues, and ultimately gearing for growth.

We have found that through effective execution of HR interventions and plans such as staff retention, improving productivity and restructuring hugely impacts long term profitability. We will be your HR Business Partner, taking care of all your compliance needs, in way that is easily digested by any business leader. Often consultants use jargon, and big ideas to sound impressive and to sell their principle, only to find months down the line, no changes were made except to your bank account. HR Ignite will endeavour to provide real time feedback, show return on your investment, and continuously proof that our service is in fact adding value, by delivering on set KPI’s and KPA’s.


HR Ignite is an EME, with 55% black shareholding, and at least 45% black female shareholding, and automatically a Level 2 BBBEE contributor. Our shareholding is as following:

10 %

Thebe Foundation

45 %

Seapei Makgoga
Black Female

45 %

Amanda Earle
White Female

Our Story

HR Ignite officially launched their services on 1 July 2016. It all started 10 years prior to July, when Amanda Earle, in her previous senior management and executive functions as an employee of various companies, started servicing Thebe Investment Corporation as a new client. Over the years, Amanda has grown much attached to Thebe’s culture and their value system, and ultimately forged a tight bond with the company and the group. During 2016, Thebe decided to outsource their entire HR function, and ultimately offer a centralized HR partner for all their subsidiary companies.

Thebe was seeking a trusted HR Partner, and offered supplier Development funding to HR Ignite to assist us to establish the business. As part of the process, Seapei Makgoga, who has been employed at Thebe Investment Corporation as HR Manager, has subsequently joined Amanda Earle in this venture, as her knowledge of Human Resources, and trusted prior employee of Thebe has proven a huge asset to HR Ignite. Subsequently, HR Ignite’s vision is to grow far beyond the Thebe Investment Corporation boundaries, and offer our skills and knowledge base to all companies in need of HR business partners.